Saturday, October 10, 2009

When Baseball Becomes Cheese-Ball

Of all the cheesy tactics for a (very wealthy) baseball team and its (very wealthy) star player to pull on a (small and defenseless) little girl:

The Philadelphia Phillies confiscated a home run ball caught by 12 year old Jennifer Valdivia last July under the pretext that she could meet the slugger who hit it after the game. That slugger was Ryan Howard and the home run was his 200th. However, once the game was over, Howard never appeared and the team cheesily offered a bait-and-switch ball to Jennifer as a consolation.

Jennifer and her mother were not pleased. Feeling that her daughter had been intimidated out of a valuable souvenir, Jen's mom, Delfa Vanegas began a campaign to get the Phillies to give back the ball. Not until a lawsuit was filed did Ryan Howard finally do the right thing and give the ball back to the otherwise lucky little girl who had caught it at first first ever Major League ball game.

That game really needs an infusion of class, like the kind it once had.

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